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Baby Love

27 Feb

Grady and I are on a mission to stretch ourselves creatively this year! That was part of the reason behind starting this blog. It serves as a creativity accountability partner. In the past month or so photography has been my focus, something I’ve always been interested in but never disciplined enough to actually work at. Here are a few of my favorite shots from a 3-month shoot with my nephew Bruce.

Bruce was born on Grady and I’s one year anniversary, November 12. I like to think Bruce and I have a special bond because we both came into the Nichols/Tyndall family on the same day. He is so precious and I just love him!

Bruce on The Lovely Lantern

Bruce on The Lovely Lantern Bruce on The Lovely LanternBruce on The Lovely LanternBruce on The Lovely Lantern


Bedtime Stories

25 Jan

The Lovely LanternThe Lovely LanternThe Lovely Lantner
My husband and I had the honor of hanging out with our nephew Jay this week while his mom and dad went out for date night! His little brothers had already gone to sleep and so it was the perfect opportunity for us to spend some quality time with him.

Jay is such an amazing kid. Not in the proud aunt way, but in the truly amazing way. He has a very special kindness in his heart that is so evident in his actions towards others and he inspires me to find a greater kindness within myself every time I see him.

I snapped a few pictures of Grady reading to him before bed. It was kind of melting my heart.

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