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Five Under Five

14 Jan


{A little ode to amazing things that are all under $5}

{One} – Eating Well Magazine. Great photos and great recipes! If you are looking for healthy recipes, this is your magazine!

{Two} – Emi-Jays. This little hair gem is a life changer. Not only do they fancy up your pony tail, but you can wear them throughout the day and they won’t leave that annoying dent in your hair. Great if you want to put your hair up but may want to try a different style later in the day.

{Three} – Aquaphor. The best thing you will ever do for your lips. I use this every day and night. If you have dry skin like me it can save you from embarrassing cracked lips. Use it alone morning and night or under your lip color. It really gives lips a nice shine when used under lip color.

{Four} – Rat Tail Comb. Don’t let the name scare you! Great for adding volume to your hair and creating great parts. I also use the skinny end for separating hair into sections and adding volume once my hair is already pulled back.

{Five} – Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer. This is great for adding a little color to your lips on lighter makeup days, plus the minty tingle feels so fun! It’s also 100% natural and is made in NC (I’m an NC gal)!

Eating Well . Emi-Jay . Aquaphor . Rat Tail Comb . Burt’s Bees

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